FKP’s new project: A great investment opportunity

WILLEMSTAD - If you are an investor who stands for sustainability, innovation plus a safe environment for the young and elderly, then “Wechi” is the project for you.

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“Wechi” is part of the Curaçao Housing Development Project where the Public Housing Foundation of the Government of Curaçao, Fundashon Kas Popular (FKP) and Wechi Management Company (WMC), as owners have the authority for construction and management of the property.

“Biba Berde” literally translated from our native language Papiamento is Live Green

Living at “Wechi” means to reside in a neighborhood where nature determines the direction and development of the community. Renewable energy, innovative building concepts and sewage purification systems are a few of the aspects that will be part of this unique project on the beautiful island of Curaçao.

Our main priority is not only to build 1000 rental properties in the “Wechi” area but also to have another 2000 housing facilities at various locations on the island. In addition to rental houses, FKP and WMC will be constructing 2,800 residential spaces to be sold at Wechi, with most of the units costing an estimate of USD1,335 per square meter.

Modern recreational, educational and wellness facilities will be incorporated to take care of the physical and emotional wellbeing of the people. The community will be able to go play in the park, ride a bicycle and walk to the bus station in a Green and Safe zone

“Wechi” will also have residences with extra rooms to be used as office, workshop or training facility.

This will be the ‘work from home’ concept

Curaçao has always been the example of people of all cultures, ages and backgrounds living happily together and this is what we wish to reiterate at “Wechi” and the other areas of development.

“Wechi” is centrally located with respect to various important sites on the island. The airport, university, supermarkets and gas stations are at five minutes driving distance. While the main hospital, cruise terminal and renowned hotels are approximately ten minutes away.

There is an urgent need for housing on the island and construction is planned to initiate later in 2021.

Don’t miss out on this unique investment opportunity to bring your ideas to life! 

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