Female leaders leading by example

18th Annual Female Leadership Conference in Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - Sharon Katushabe in Uganda, Dr. Birgitte Tan in California, USA and

Nina Den Heyer in Bonaire are the three keynote speakers starting the 18th Annual Female Leadership Conference in Curaçao with the topicFemale Leaders Leading by Example’ on Saturday May 29, 2021 in Curaçao.

This 18th Annual Female Leadership Conference is important for the woman combining work, family and life in general; the young ambitious female student aiming to have a successful career; business owners, HR’s, everyone interested in knowing the value of female leaders in organizations. Each participant must leave the conference with valuable information, encouraged and empowered, knowing that she also can make it and that she can choose her support.
Again it is a challenging road to reach the 18th conference that will again be on a professional level, with interesting in-between other information with again the unique opportunity for participants to specifically build on good relationships.

There will be this year again the recognition of an Outstanding Woman, a role model from the Caribbean, older than 60 years and who during her professional life did what benefitted other women.

And for the second year there also will be the presentation of the Margaret Star the recognition to continue to motivate a young ambitious person.

Following resolutions during the past conferences attention will be given again during this 18th conference on what makes professional women strong and successful.
The conference website is under reconstruction so for more information and updates please visit us on facebook: ‘About Female Leadership’.

For registration and more information please contact aboutfemaleleadership@gmail.com or app 5999 561 2818.

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