Extension of basic basket agreement 2012 by one year

WILLEMSTAD - In December 2022, the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) together with Minister Ruisandro Cijntje announced the decision to temporarily reintroduce the Basic Basket Agreement 2012. This occurred as part of efforts, in collaboration with stakeholders in the supermarket and minimarket chain, to establish a system where every person in our community has free and fair access to essential food items and products. Given that discussions are ongoing regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the Basic Basket and potential alternatives, MEO, along with the concerned parties, has decided to extend the Basic Basket Agreement 2012 by one (1) year. 


After reintroducing the Basic Basket Agreement 2012 in December of the past year, Minister Cijntje established a 'Task Force' responsible for conducting an investigation to determine whether the Basic Basket Agreement, as it currently stands, is effective enough or if adjustments need to be made, or possibly exploring entirely different alternatives. Based on the conclusions of the 'Task Force,' stakeholders have come to the table and are practically reaching a concrete agreement on the way forward. This means that if the conclusions of the 'Task Force' are finalized before the one (1) year period expires, MEO and Minister Cijntje may announce possible changes to the agreement sooner. 


The Ministerial Agreement in which the Basic Basket 2012 was reintroduced includes products such as rice, milk, bread, and some fruits and vegetables.