European QR code also valid as an admission ticket on Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - The QR code from the European corona app is also valid as an admission ticket on Curaçao. This is confirmed by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN), Sharlon Melfor during the press conference.

According to Melfor, a so-called 'verifier app' is needed to check the QR code. The QR code of the European corona app can also be scanned with this verifier app. "The Curaçao Health App is linked to the app of the European Union, so not only travelers from the Netherlands but from all over Europe can use their QR code," said the Secretary-General.

Effective October 19, only vaccinated people will have access to high-risk activities such as parties and sporting events. From Tuesday, the QR code of the Curaçao Health App website will be used as an admission ticket on the island.


Visitors aged twelve or older are only allowed to enter high-risk events with a valid QR code. In low-risk activities, only 100 people are allowed to gather and the vaccination certificate is not required.

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