Elmer Wilsoe, once a suspect in murder case Helmin Wiels, wants compensation

WILLEMSTAD - Former lieutenant governor and former minister of justice Elmer 'Kade' Wilsoe announced on Monday during a meeting with the press that he would demand compensation because he was wrongly identified as a suspect in the case of the murder of Helmin Wiels in 2013.

Wilsoe and his lawyer Bertie Braam are preparing for a lawsuit. He was a suspect for no less than six and a half years, but the Public Prosecution Service (OM) has never specifically indicated what his involvement would have been.

Braam sent a letter to the Attorney General on April 20 this year asking for a definite answer about his client. In October, Chief Officer Heiko de Jong announced that everything indicates that the Public Prosecution Service is no longer prosecuting Wilsoe.

The OM states that under the current state of affairs, no prosecution will take place. But De Jong wants to await the appeal of former Minister of Finance George Jamaloodin before a final decision is made. Jamaloodin has previously been convicted of involvement in Wiels' murder.

Wilsoe says the allegations caused much damage to both him and his family and therefore those responsible must pay. "People who know me know that I will never ever allow my wife and children to be treated in this way without consequences," said Wilsoe.

Despite everything, the former minister of justice says he still believes in the Public Prosecution Service as a body that works in the interest of everyone in society. However, according to him, a large broom must go through the institute and 'the rotten apples' must be removed.

According to Wilsoe, the current Minister of Justice should do that. "It is time that he stood his ground like a real guy and tak over the institute."