Easter weekend filled with traffic accidents

WILLEMSTAD - The Easter weekend was marked by a series of car accidents. The accidents were caused by lack of attention, failure to yield, and even running red lights, which, according to Èxtra, seems to be considered normal. 

Running red lights at the intersections of Biesheuvel and Doormanweg/Sta Rosaweg caused significant property damage. There were also accidents with injuries and extensive property damage at the intersection of Rector Zwijssenstraat in Mundu Nobo. There are also indications that one of the vehicles ran a red light. 

An accident occurred on Doormanweg/Sta Rosaweg, which even resulted in an arrest. In this case, the police arrested a woman. Another notable accident occurred on Schottegatweg Noord. This is the road that was closed on one side for repairs, forcing traffic on the other side to share the road surface. One of the vehicles likely crossed over to the opposite lane and caused the accident. 

An accident between two vehicles with significant property damage and one injured occurred on Kadushistraat. Failure to yield resulted in an accident with significant property damage. One of the drivers had to undergo medical treatment and was transported to the CMC by ambulance. 

Once again, the police had to go to Saliña at the Kia dealer for another vehicle that had landed in the ditch. Upon arrival, they found the vehicle in the ditch and a crane had to be used to remove it. Less than a week ago, another vehicle had ended up in the same ditch in the early hours of the morning.