Dutch Minister of Finance wants better supervision of lottery sector Curaçao

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - The Dutch Minister of Finance Sigrid Kaag wants better supervision and enforcement of the Curaçao lottery sector by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board Foundation (GCB). At the request of Kaag, the Social and Economic Council (SER) issued an advisory report on the regulation of the lottery sector on the island. The advice states that changes will have to be made to the regulation of the lottery sector in Curaçao.  


Currently, the GCB only has the power to revoke lottery licenses in the event of irregularities, but the minister also wants the foundation to be given supervision and enforcement powers. The advice also contains additional administrative conditions that lottery license holders must meet when applying for a lottery license number. These conditions apply to both existing and new license holders.  


In addition, the minister wants to oblige people with a permit to keep the administration in an automated system. With the package of new conditions, the minister hopes to reduce the risks of the lottery sector in Curaçao. 

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