Donate to rebuild Pedro Luis Brion School

WILLEMSTAD - Fundashon Chabelita is making a serious and urgent request to the people of Curacao to come together and make donation towards the reconstruction Pedro Luis Brion School.

On the night of 25th June 2020, Pedro Luis Brion School was damaged thought arson and the actions by these unknown individuals not only shocked our entire community but also resulted in significant damages to the school. Both material and non-material damages: in form of shock and disgust of the occurred is immeasurable.

We at Fundashon Chabelita are of the opinion that the schools are a sacred place.  A place where our children, our youth and future come together to receive the education necessary to grow and to become a responsible citizen and an intellectual foundation of our community.

As a reaction to this tragic event, and with love for Curacao and its educational system, Fundashon Chabelita was established. A group of concerned citizens that has come together to raise the funds necessary to guarantee the fast reconstruction of the damaged part as so that as soon as possible. This so the pupils of Pedro Luis Brion School can not only use the location again but also to continue their classes without the daily reminder of the tragic event of June 25th .

With insurance covering most part of the damages, there is still additional funds needed to cover all the costs of the reconstruction. Fundashon Chabelita has therefore put a goal to raise between Nafl. 100.000,-- to Nafl. 150.000,-- towards thus cause, this way a full reconstruction can be guaranteed without effecting other school projects.

To be able to reach this goal and to be able to make the reconstruction of Pedro Luis Brion School possible, we need the help from our entire community! This through a donation, big or small.

Donations can be made through your bank to:

MCB 324.996.04

P.O. Box 3117


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