Digicel completes the installation of its new fixed wireless network in Curaçao and begins connecting customers

WILLEMSTAD - Digicel Curaçao launches its Fixed Wireless network in Curaçao. This network has been rolled out in the last 3 months and in combination with access to their existing Fiber Optic network, Digicel provides almost complete coverage for homes and businesses in Curaçao. The rollout of Digicel's Fixed Wireless broadband network began in July 2021 and commercialization of these services has started recently. Digicel intends to further expand this network in the course of 2022 and 2023 to locations where additional capacity may be needed, or where new construction is being realized in previously uninhabited areas.

The network's coverage is designed to complement the current availability of their fiber network and provide reliable and affordable service to households and businesses across the island. The new network connects to Digicel's high-capacity Fiber Optic infrastructure to ensure adequate capacity and reliable and consistent service. Digicel is currently expanding its fiber range cable network further for the island community, with another expansion phase planned for further fiber cabling in 2022.


Digicel CEO, Roeland Van der Hoeven says: “This is an important milestone for Digicel and for all Curaçaoans. Everyone at Digicel is proud of the investment we make and delivering the benefits of Fixed Wireless broadband to families who currently do not have access to broadband services at home, or who are forced to pay (too) high monthly fees. Our Fixed Wireless broadband network will benefit customers directly and immediately. It stimulates employment, accelerates innovation and inspires the community all over Curaçao.”

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