Defense delivers mobile emergency pumps for disaster management in Aruba and Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - The Dutch Institute for Public Safety, NIPV, yesterday handed over three mobile emergency pumps and the accompanying hose boxes to the naval fire department. This crucial equipment, designed to control significant water overflow, will soon be shipped to the naval barracks on the islands. These advanced HCP containers are not only intended for use within the naval barracks but will also be available to local fire departments to use in case of water overflow emergencies. These mobile emergency pumps are specially designed for use in emergency situations such as floods, which may occur during the hurricane season. They are capable of quickly pumping away large quantities of water, providing a vital solution in times of need. 

Deputy Commander Twan Langenhuizen, commander of the Naval Fire Department, emphasized the importance of this equipment: "These systems were lacking on the Caribbean islands until now. That's why we are also sending instructors who will train the local fire departments in the use of the pumps." 

According to Langenhuizen, this collaboration ensures not only the provision of resources but also the transfer of knowledge to effectively respond to emergency situations. 

Langenhuizen also pointed out that the emergency pumps are part of a broader package of tools, including oil booms and firefighting foam, being sent to the islands. These resources enhance the capacity of local fire departments to ensure safety at the barracks without the need for additional personnel from outside. 

The NIPV, as a knowledge institute in the field of crisis management and firefighting, plays a crucial role in supporting and strengthening the safety regions, the Kingdom, and other crisis partners. Through research, education, and sharing information and support, it contributes to a safer Netherlands and now also to a safer Caribbean region.