Defense angry with party staff

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - The Dutch military officers who celebrated last Easter weekend are causing a stir. The Ministry of Defense calls the behavior inappropriate, especially due to the serious situation in Curaçao.

At the Parera naval base, photos and videos of party personnel were taken in the living room of the NCOs and posted on social media. As soon as nuisance was reported, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee put an end to the party.

Because the soldiers live in so-called bubbles, they think there is no risk of contamination. Bubbles are smaller groups within their unit. The operational units in the Caribbean have no contact with people outside their group.

As of today, the 11th airmobile brigade from Assen will assist the police with roadblocks to check the plachi di dia (license plate of the day) and the curfew.

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