Dangerous game sends little girl to hospital

WILLEMSTAD - A nine-year-old student from the Divi Divi School in Emmastad was in the emergency room this week after she had fallen victim to a dangerous game that became popular online. In this game, there are three persons. The two standing on each side jump first and then the middle one. When the middle person jumps the other two block his or her feet so the person stumbles and could get seriously injured.

The mother wants to know exactly what happened at the school. According to her, the school did not handle the incident well and the girl did not get the care she needed after the incident.

The board of the Protestant Christian Education Association today denies that something went wrong with how they dealt with the nine-year-old girl from the Divi Divi School who was at the hospital.

According to the association, the girl fell after she was running around with some other students during the break. All procedures were then followed. According to the school management, there was a normal accident. However, the girl's mother demands an investigation.

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