Customs Curaçao will cooperate with Dutch customs officials

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao customs will cooperate with Dutch customs officials. Minister of Finance, Javier Silvania, states this in answers to questions from Parliamentarian Sheldry Osepa.

This is a project in which Dutch customs officers are recruited for various functions. There is a shortage of 70 persons at customs. Currently 160 people work there. More than twenty staff members went on early voluntary retirement (VVU).

The minister expects that there will be no culture shock, as both countries indicate that they want to cooperate. “In the action plan, agreements will be made to use the cultural differences positively,” says Silvania.

Information from the minister shows that a customs officer for the port area is being sought who must be familiar with surveillance in the port of Rotterdam and the search of vessels. Someone who has experience with the Unusual Transactions Hotline (MOT) and who can master profiling, can carry out baggage visits and can work with baggage scanners. In addition, they are looking for experts in the field of customs legislation and information technology and with knowledge of analyzing customs data and risk management. They are also looking for a trainer who trains the dogs.


“Working conditions, social and legal aspects of customs personnel are taken into account,” said Silvania. A plan is being drawn up for reorganization and modernization.

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