Curaçao shows the world that there is light on the horizon

WILLEMSTAD - A signal of hope and light has been sent out in difficult times, that's the main message the organizers of #LightTheSky Curaçao wanted to send out to the world. There is still so much good and positivity happening around, so there is always light on the horizon.

The force of the solidarity initiative that the entertainment industry on the island showed in a very spontaneous outcry was done on Sunday March 22nd, 2020 from 19:00 till 21:30. It paralyzed all corners, and those in quarantine felt the positive vibes coming from the healing heart of Curaçao.

The event was streamed LIVE on social media through the Facebook page of Light the Sky Curaçao and in cooperation with the local television channels.

Special thank you goes to the organizing committee, that took a small initiative and it turned into a whole movement they couldn't even thought.

Gratitude to initiators Ian Sillé of Help'R, Jean-Clair Sint-Jago of Lifelight Studios, Vio Sambo of Vio Sambo Films and Raino Mauricia of Mauricia Pictures, and those who joined forces like Jazzley Geene; Jiwan Gonesh & Iziquiel Goncalves of Massive Productions; Gina van de Laar & Analisa Cordilia of LOOF Events; Cris Celestina of Creative Sound & Lightning; Harrison Cijntje of Contemporaneous Events; Balaguer Productions; Leo Sound & Lightning; Clockworks; Hitz Sound & Lightning; Anaiz Visser (Posh); L'Amiga; LEDS - Lights & Decoration Services; Aro Pro Sound & Lightning; D'Art Dance Group; J.A. Real Production; Zaidi Hasham; Renard Hurtado (Loud & Clear); DJ RO-1; DJ Ling; CWM; Walter Martijn (YES!); The Jingle Planet; ODD Network BV; Devon Tweed; TeleCuraçao; Televishon Direct 13; Nos Pais Television; Early Generators; Thakaidzwa Doran (TX Experience); Gwendell Mercelina, Jr. (G!NIUS Inc.);

Personalities like 2020's Tumba King Raey Lauffer, Roald Balentien, Gigi Clotida, Dibo Doran, Aisha Lucas, Giltaly Doran, Germone de Lima, Nahason Sanches, Archangela Garcia, Clifton Nicolina, Manuel Martis, Urly Christina, Djurig, all press and media, specially the Curaçao Government whom facilitated the innovative project to enlighten all the heroes fighting daily and those affected by the virus COVID-19 during these times.

In moments like this we should always keep head up high, take care of each other, staying safe, fight together, keep hope alive, maintain the necessary precautions, all of this will serve for when we prevail and win for a better future.

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