Curacao police discovers drug lab during search for stolen goats

WILLEMSTAD - A police raid in Klein Santa Martha, carried out in the early afternoon hours yesterday as part of an investigation into goat thefts, unexpectedly led to the discovery of a drug laboratory. 

The raid, conducted by local police in collaboration with the Veterinary Affairs team (GMN) and under the direction of the Public Prosecutor's office, was originally intended to investigate a series of goat robberies. 

Authorities took action after multiple reports of livestock theft, a growing problem affecting local livestock farmers in Curacao. 

Drug Lab 

The search led authorities to Klein Santa Martha, a location where they suspected the stolen goats would be. To their surprise, the officers found no trace of the goats but discovered a fully operational drug laboratory. In the lab, they found over a hundred marijuana plants and various equipment for the production and processing of drugs. 

Despite the revealing discovery, no arrests were made during the raid. Everything seized, including the marijuana plants and production equipment, has been handed over to the Narcotics Department. The police emphasize that the investigation continues, especially since livestock theft remains a persistent problem that heavily impacts the local community.