Curaçao parties MFK and PNP are prepared to govern together

WILLEMSTAD - The Curaçao parties MFK and PNP have announced on Sunday evening (local time) that they want to govern together. In a statement signed by the parties, MFK and PNP state that they want to work together to form the next coalition government of Curaçao.

Two days ago MFK won the parliamentary elections with a large majority. The party led by Gilmar "Pik" Pisas went from five to nine seats. The Christian Democratic Party PNP won four seats. MFK and PNP together have a majority of 13 of the 21 seats in the Curaçao parliament. The new parliament will be sworn in in May.

MKF and PNP announced on Friday evening after the election results that they wanted to talk to each other about a new government. In the statement, the parties say they want to govern together for “a thorough development of the citizens based on transparency, integrity, decency, hope, respect, norms and values”.

The current coalition parties PAR and MAN have lost the elections. These parties have retained six seats. Furthermore, the new parties Trabou pa Kòrsou and KEM will each have one seat in parliament.

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