Curaçao has new acting governor

WILLEMSTAD - Last week the new acting governor of Curaçao Mrs. Michele Russel-Capriles presented herself to the Members of Parliament in a solemn meeting. She was already sworn in by the Governor of Curaçao Her Excellency Mrs. Lucille George-Wout.

Acting Governor

“Today I stand before you to accept my appointment as acting governor of Curaçao. I am deeply humbled that I have been entrusted to perform the duties of the Governor from time to time. An honor that I don't take lightly,” said Mrs. Russel-Capriles in her speech to parliament and the government.

“I declare to all of you today that I am willing to perform both tasks entrusted to the Governor in the Statute and the Rules of Procedure of the Governor when the Governor is unable to attend. I promise that I will always guarantee a balance between the national interests of Curaçao and the Kingdom interests. I assure you that I will always act in good faith, observe the law and safeguard the welfare of the people of Curaçao,” said the new acting governor.

Mrs. Russel-Capriles also stated that she has her agenda for this role. “I want my children, as well as all yu di Kòrsou (Curaçaoan), to want to be able to return to Curaçao in the future. For this it is important that the island can offer them a good living and working climate, with healthy prospects. I want to contribute to that as a citizen; and now also as acting Governor.”

“I trust and count on our government to continue to take the necessary steps to alleviate and remedy the problems we experience as a country and people. I trust and count on the other institutions that must protect our country and population to perform their duties properly.”

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