Curaçao Airport implements cutting-edge system to expedite passenger processing

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao Airport is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to streamline passenger processing, aiming to complete the procedure within twenty seconds or less, reveals Elbert Sambo, Chief Operating Officer of the KPC. 

The airport service is collaborating on a highly advanced system currently under development to digitize and automate the scanning of passengers' documents. The new system, designed for processing visitors, was fully operational by the end of January. 

The introduction of e-passes plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. Each visitor utilizes an application to upload their e-pass (electronic pass), a digital form of identification or authorization essential for various purposes, including travel and access control. 

In the realm of travel, an e-pass denotes an electronic passport (e-passport) containing microprocessor chips storing biometric information and other data about the passport holder. These chips facilitate secure identity verification and expedite automated border control processes through e-gate systems, a technology set to be implemented at Curaçao Airport. 

Elbert Sambo underscores the efficiency of utilizing the app for registration, asserting that it significantly accelerates the process, thereby enhancing control procedures. Ultimately, this initiative aims to bolster tourism development by providing travelers with superior service. 

During the first-quarter meeting of CHATA, the 'Airside app' garnered attention. Gabriel Wichrowski, VP Global Business Development, elucidated that users can upload travel documents such as ID and passport through this application. He emphasized that the app safeguards customers' private information, allowing individuals to retain control over their uploaded data by necessitating the correct nationality and age for usage.