COVID-19 update: 504 testes; more people in quarantine

WILLEMSTAD - During today’s update, epidemiologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth indicated that up to now 504 people have been tested. Curaçao remains at 16 confirmed cases with one patient still in the hospital and one has died. All other confirmed cases are safe now.

Currently 430 are in travel-related quarantine in the government assigned locations and 191 are on the cruise ship that is docked in the harbor. There are also several navy and FOL officers in quarantine. These are those who entered Curacao based on their profession or residency. They will be tested at the end of their quarantine. But also during the quarantine, if they have symptoms.

The doctor indicated that Curaçao has done very well in combating the virus. That is the reason why today more of the corona measures are relaxed, as was announced yesterday by Minister Giselle McWilliam of Economic Development.

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