Country resilience research published by Think To DO Institute

WILLEMSTAD - Today, the Think To DO Institute (T2DI) publishes its country resilience research that provides valuable insight into the vulnerability (or resilience) of the country of Curaçao. The report, titled “Fragile States Index Curacao Country Report 2023”, is the 4th edition of the influential (multi-variable) report and provides detailed measurements of vulnerable areas for Curaçao.  

The Curaçao Fragile States Index provides an in-depth overview of the different aspects of fragility, spread across four groups of pressure indicators and one group related to state capacities. It examines the prevalence and severity of a range of factors (e.g. economics, security, justice and inequality) and highlights their impact on local populations and economies. Key themes in this year's report include the economic and social divide, insecurity, a fragile rule of law and state capacity. The report includes 48 recommendations across all areas that promote resilience of people, and country.  

The report shows that the level of vulnerability remains largely unchanged compared to previous years. That in itself is no surprise. Social outcomes do not change overnight, and the existence of several development assistance programs (with the land package being the largest) is an indication that the country faces serious structural problems that has prevented it from breaking out of a perpetual cycle of vulnerability for at least 3 decades.  

As previously indicated, this report provides important evidence on the potential consequences of fragility, based on research in 179 countries, and serves as a tool to inform and guide policymakers on the comprehensive state of the country based on evidence.  By understanding the factors that cause vulnerability, we can better build resilience.  

The T2DI urges the government to take and/or accelerate holistic measures to reduce vulnerability. By way of cooperation and collaboration, we can ensure that this country can be more prosperous and that the vulnerabilities in this country are left behind. 

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