Cordoba MP wants information about debt to pension fund

WILLEMSTAD - The one-man faction of the Pueblo Soberano party wants a parliamentary debate on the debt the government has to the General Pension Fund APC.

According to Jaime Cordoba MP, the government has not paid its premiums to the APC for three months now. The MP says that this is unacceptable. He wants the government to inform Parliament on the financial situation of the country and the reason why it has not paid the APC.

Also, the MFK party wants a debate on this topic.

The APC has informed to the unions that the debt is now 147 million guilders of which 53 million are premiums.


The Minister of Finance Kenneth Gijsbertha explained that there is an agreement with APC and the government will start paying this debt soon. Cordoba wants more information on this agreement and what the consequences are for the finances of the government.