CORC would like to start

WILLEMSTAD - The Curacao Oil Refinery Complex (CORC) hopes to be able to announce soon that it will actually take over the operations of the refinery. Apparently, there are already several contracts ready to cooperate with government organizations such as Aqualectra, Curoil and KTK (tugboat company).

It has been agreed to keep the operational activities of the refinery and Bullen Bay combined. This was especially important to the trade unions PWFC and APRI, which are also part of the partnership. Decoupling from operational activities would, according to PWFC and APRI, lead to a huge loss of jobs.


The provisional agreement that CORC will operate the refinery was signed on 25 May this year. It is not yet known when a final agreement will be reached. It is hoped for October 1.

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