Convicted former Prime Minister now a free man

WILLEMSTAD - The convicted former Prime Minister of Curaçao Gerrit Schotte left the SDKK prison on Friday morning a little after nine o'clock. He was accompanied by supporters, party members and the press. Schotte had no political message and said he was especially happy to be with his family again. During the stay he said he had a lot of support in his faith in God.

The former prime minister called on people to abide by the corona measures. “Don't hug me, don't shake my hand. This should not become a super spread event. Many followers wanted to touch Schotte by hugging or touching him on the shoulders.

Schotte was convicted on appeal in 2018 for forgery and official corruption. He has been in SDKK prison for almost two years. He may not hold political office for five years.

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