Contact GP before going to emergency room!

WILLEMSTAD - The CHV board has learned from the management of the Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) that many patients report directly to the emergency department of the CMC without first having been in contact with their own or on-duty GP. As a result, the emergency room becomes overburdened, which in turn can have consequences for patient safety as well as the quality of care. In the current COVID-19 crisis, this also creates unnecessary danger for personnel and organization. The CHV wants to remind everyone that the procedure has not changed during emergencies. In case of a health complaint, the patient should always first contact the GP or the medical doctor on duty.

The CHV board therefore makes an urgent appeal to the community not to go to the hospital without consulting their own GP or the one on duty. The GP is able to treat most complaints. Only serious conditions that require more specialist care will be referred to hospital by the GP. The emergency department can thus focus on the care of seriously ill patients. In case there is a suspicion of COVID-19, the doctor will take extra measures for transport to and reception in the hospital.

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