Compromise between RdK and union

WILLEMSTAD - In order to maintain the peace and ensure that work can continue on the search for a future partner for the management of the refinery, Refineria di Kòrsou (RdK) has reached a compromise with the trade unions.

One of the demands of the unions was that Clift Christiaan, who leaded the negotiations for a future partner of the refinery, must be dismissed from the committee.

According to the unions, Christiaan would want the refinery to close its doors. Moreover - according to the Isla employees - Christiaan has not yet achieved a result after two years of negotiations for a new partner for the acquisition of the refinery.

Both the government and Marcelino de Lannoy, the interim director of RdK, had asked the unions to come up with solid evidence to support their allegations. "This proof never came," says De Lannoy, who met with representatives of the trade unions on Thursday. "There is therefore no argument to end the contract with Mr. Christiaan."

De Lannoy is, however, sensitive to the concerns of the Isla staff. "If concerns are expressed about someone and I can remove that feeling by putting that person on a different assignment, then I will," said the interim director of RdK. "Ultimately, the most important thing is that all the noses point in the same direction and we work together to achieve what is needed: a future partner for the refinery."


De Lannoy deems it of great importance to emphasize that Christiaan 'did not do anything wrong'. “He is a very competent person, with very good qualities. I will continue with him.” Christiaan is therefore appointed to other projects within RdK. 

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