Combination of factors causes power outages in several neighborhoods

WILLEMSTAD - A combination of factors caused several neighborhoods to lose power from Thursday, September 28, noon into the late afternoon. Something happened just before 12 o'clock that detected a fuel leak at one of the power production units at CRU, which could pose a fire hazard. Due to this, production from this unit had to be immediately stopped. The drop in production resulted in several neighborhoods losing power around 12 o'clock. Aqualectra quickly managed to restore the power supply, which was back on at 12:37. 


Unfortunately, around 1 o'clock, a situation arose where, due to the high demand and the available capacity at that moment, some neighborhoods lost power again. By 4 o'clock, power was restored to all neighborhoods. 


The situation has since normalized, as Aqualectra managed to start some of its own production units, and the CRU production unit also started again. 


Aqualectra apologizes for any inconvenience that this situation may have caused. 

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