Coast Guard makes fishermen aware on ban gillnets

WILLEMSTAD - In recent days, the coast guards have noted several fishermen's gillnets at sea. Gill or trammel nets are nets in which a fish swims but cannot get out because the gills of the fish get stuck in the net. These nets consist of several layers, which entangles the fish. There is a ban on the use of these nets because all marine life can get caught in them. This endangers the population of the underwater fauna.

The Coast Guard would like to remind all fishermen that, based on the 2004 fishing ordinance, there is a ban on the use of these nets on both Curaçao and Klein Curaçao. The rules in this regard have been created by the Curaçao government to protect fish stocks in the waters and the decline in biodiversity.

In view of the 2004 fisheries ordinance, the Coast Guard continues to strictly monitor the use of these nets. If gill or trammel nets are found, the Coast Guard will them and the fisherman may be fined.

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