Coalition MP points finger at former president of central bank

WILLEMSTAD - According to Member of Parliament for the coalition party PAR, Stephen Walroud, Girobank got into trouble last week due to the deliberate distribution of messages by “people of evil will.” Walroud spoke of a “created crisis”. "It's a set-up by people who have an interest in a government crisis," says Walroud.

“People decided to withdraw their money from the bank based on gossip. These gossips were distributed by a group that has an interest in a government crisis.” Walroud says that now the impression is wrongly created that the Rhuggenaath cabinet is to blame for the situation in which Girobank finds itself, while the cause of the problems can be traced back since 2013.

“It's the story of two good friends from the financial world, Eric Garcia and Emsley Tromp,” says Walroud. Garcia is a former director of Girobank and Tromp, former president of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

“One person looks the other way if his friend does something that cannot be done.” Now people with bad intentions are trying to blame the current government.

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