CMU Mobile Health Event 16-03-2019

WILLEMSTAD - This coming Saturday March16th, 2019 the students of Caribbean Medical University (CMU) will be participating in CuraDoet in cooperation with Fundashon KuraZorg. This time we will be at Sentro di barrio Wishi i Marchena, Wishi 222, behind the chuch of Wishi, next to Fundashon Pro Alfa Forma and Transforma. The “CMU Mobile Health Event” is from 10:00AM  to 2:00PM. During the event, all persons who so desire can have their blood pressure taken, their blood sugar levels checked (diabetes) and their BMI (body mass index) determined. BMI is one of the factors that can cause overweight and the phenomenon of “obesitas” which is a problem worldwide. This check-up is free of charge. The results are discussed with each volunteer right away, under supervision of locally registered physicians and additional information about diabetes and possible heart diseases due to a.o. high blood pressure is explained to the participant. If needed, participants are encouraged to visit their doctor for additional consultation.


The purpose of these trainings is to increase the awareness of the health of our community by accentuating the importance of three of the most important causes of illness on the island, being high blood pressure, overweight and diabetes. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for the students to practice a few simple medical procedures.

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