CFT is not satisfied with copy-paste response Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - The Financial Supervision Board (CFT) does not intend to be fobbed off by Minister of Finance Javier Silvana with some copying and pasting.

On 1 March, the CFT requested a further explanation of a number of budget items. On April 12 (2 weeks late) Silvania replied. His explanation sounded familiar to the CFT: “You refer to your response to the CFT's advice on the adopted budget for 2022. The CFT notes that both reactions show great similarities,” said CFT chairman Raymond Gradus.

The CFT wishes to receive a draft budget amendment no later than May 13, in which the recommendations made earlier have been incorporated.


Gradus indicates in this letter that the Kingdom Council of Ministers has also requested that all expenditure required for investments, including any investments in the context of the National Package, be placed in a separate loan request based on Article 16 of the Financial Supervision Act and processed in the same draft budget. The Kingdom Council will then decide on this loan request and assess to what extent a deviation from Article 16 of the Financial Supervision Act is justified.

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