Cft: Efficiency savings in healthcare are not getting off the ground

WILLEMSTAD - The efficiency savings in healthcare are not being realized. This is according to the Board of Financial Supervision (Cft). In 2018, it was agreed to introduce efficiency measures to be able to pay for the higher operating costs of the Curaçao Medical Center.  


Insufficient progress is being made, especially in the limitation of over-the-counter medicines and the substitution of specific medicines for generic medicines, says the Cft 


According to the Institute, the savings in medical care and social security are necessary to guarantee the affordability and quality of the social system in the coming years.  


Curaçao pays an annual contribution of 306 million guilders to the social funds and is also obliged to make up for shortfalls in the buffer reserve.  


The buffer reserve was established by law to offset surpluses and deficits of the various social funds in a year and not to absorb structural surpluses or deficits of the joint funds.  


In 2021, the government has decided on fifteen measures to ensure that the buffer reserve remains in balance in 2022 and 2023. Some of the measures have already been delayed, as a result of which, according to the Cft, compensatory measures must be taken in the short term. 

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