Central Bank has yet to approve ACU dividend payment

WILLEMSTAD - At the end of August, the management of the credit union ACU apologized to its members, as they could not fulfill the dividend payment in August, as stated in the last General Meeting.  


The management also announced that they are still awaiting final approval and will make every effort for the payment to take place by mid-September 2023. This has sparked considerable discussion in the media, including social media, with even non-members expressing concerns that they may not receive any dividend payment.  


Finance Minister Javier Silvania, who is very active on his social media page and accessible to the public, also received questions from some individuals regarding the payment. He had to explain to everyone that he is not responsible for dividend payments. The management issued a statement to its members yesterday, explaining the status of the payment.  


"As indicated in our previous communication, we found ourselves in the phase of the procedure where the Central Bank had to give its approval for ACU to proceed with surplus distribution. Unfortunately, this part has not been finalized yet. Therefore, ACU could not fulfill the promise of distributing the surplus up to now. We hope to receive a response from the Central Bank soon and will keep you duly informed of developments. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused," the management informed all members in a brief statement.