Carmabi reaches nearly 15,000 students with educational programs

WILLEMSTAD - In the 2023-2024 school year, Carmabi has provided educational programs to nearly fifteen thousand students from primary education. “This vast reach means that a large number of students visit us twice a year for a terrestrial program in Bándabou and a maritime program in Piscadera/mangrove park,” says Cor Hameete, head of the education department at Carmabi. 

In addition to primary education, a program was also offered to approximately five hundred secondary education students, including visits to the Hato caves. “We have expanded our reach beyond primary education to include secondary education and various special groups, further increasing our educational impact,” says Hameete. 

Carmabi's education department provides Nature and Environmental Education (NME) annually to schools in Primary Education (PE and Special Education PE). This is done in nature parks and at the Marine Education Center.