Carmabi adjusts entrance fees for nature parks: local visitor rates reduced

WILLEMSTAD – The Caribbean Research & Management of Biodiversity (Carmabi) Foundation, currently managing five nature parks, is pleased to announce recent adjustments in the entrance fees for Christoffel Park, Shete Boka Park, and the Mangrove Park. These changes aim to create a more equitable fee structure, with the generated revenue contributing to the sustainable management and preservation of the parks. 

As an organization dedicated to nature conservation, terrestrial and marine research, consultancy, and education, Carmabi believes in the accessibility of nature parks for both local residents and international visitors. Effective mid-November, entrance fees for Christoffel Park, Mangrove Park, and Shete Boka have been adjusted to align with other parks managed by Carmabi. 

The new rates are as follows: 

Entrance fee for tourists at Shete Boka and Mangrove Park: $15 (increased from $10) 

Entrance fee for local visitors at Christoffel Park: 2 guilders (reduced from 5 guilders) 

These adjustments create a fairer system, with international visitors contributing slightly more while encouraging the local community to explore the natural beauty of the parks. 

Manfred van Veghel, Director at Carmabi, emphasizes the significance of these fee adjustments: "Our goal is to make the experience in our parks appealing to everyone, by opening new trails and restoring cultural heritage. Additionally, we are facing increased maintenance costs. Nevertheless, we want to enable the local population to enjoy nature as much as possible." 

Carmabi remains committed to preserving Curacao's biodiversity and hopes that these fee adjustments will have a positive impact on both visitors and the preservation of the nature parks.