Business owners in Punda and Otrobanda are tired of burglaries

WILLEMSTAD - The Brands Outlet store in Breedestraat, Otrobanda has once again fallen victim to burglary last week. “This is already the second time in a few weeks,” sighs manager Depak.

He gets tired of it. "Something really needs to be done, because this is no fun anymore."

Brands Outlet sells (sports) shoes and clothing. “They were already here in December,” says Depak. “Then they have already taken some things, but now they have really stolen a lot.”

The burglars forced the shutters and then the front door. The alarm went off, but before the security company was there, they were already gone.

In Punda, this morning, perpetrators tried to rob at Gift Box but were only able to break the glass of the front entrance. The employees indicated that they are really fed up and that something needs to be done soon.

Downtown Willemstad is already a ghost town when there are no cruise ships in. It will be even more empty if the situation continues like this.


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