Bonaire: Chogogo Resort construction halted due to illegal work

KRALENDIJK - The authorities on Bonaire have stopped the construction of the Chogogo Resort Bonaire due to the illegal widening of the beach. For this purpose, 3,500 tons of sand were imported from French Guiana.

The resort must pay a penalty of $1.2 million to the Bonairean government. In July, a warning was issued that no further construction was allowed without a permit. There are no concrete indications about the role and involvement of the contractor. The NOS reports that the contractor denies being involved in the above work through his lawyer.

Depositing the sand without a protective wall can be a serious threat to the coral. In addition, it was not possible to check the quality of the sand from French Guiana.


The Chogogo Resort is a TUI franchise project and is expected to receive its first guests early next month.

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