Avior Airlines resumes flights to curaçao: inaugural flight on Wednesday

WILLEMSTAD, CARACAS - Curaçao is set to welcome back Avior Airlines, a Venezuelan carrier, as it resumes flights to the island. The inaugural flight from Caracas is scheduled for October 4th, according to an announcement from the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB). Avior becomes the third Venezuelan airline to recommence operations in Curaçao. 


Despite the visa requirement, Venezuelans continue to express interest in traveling to Curaçao, offering hope for the tourism sector's recovery. The CTB is optimistic about revitalizing this market, which witnessed a significant decline in Venezuelan tourists since the crisis began in the South American nation. 


As Curaçao prepares to welcome Avior Airlines once more, the island looks forward to strengthening its connections and reviving its tourism industry, a vital economic driver. 

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