Aqualectra: more and more defaulters on waste tax

WILLEMSTAD - The waste tax is collected by the utility company Aqualectra by means of the monthly bill for water and electricity. In this way, the customer has access to any payment arrears every month. The utility company must also hand over the receipts to the Tax Department each time. However, this migration has been delayed by a month.

Every year, the outstanding balance of the waste tax must be transferred to the Tax Department, but this has not been done since 2016. Aqualectra has also made it known that an increasing number of customers no longer pay the waste tax.


Compliance in this area needs to be increased and therefore the outstanding balances from the past 5 years will soon be transferred to the Tax Department for collection. It is expected that at the beginning of June a first group of customers will receive reminders about the outstanding balances of 2016-2021. Customers then have 3 weeks to pay the outstanding amount.