Aqualectra launches first edition of 'Aqualectra in your neighborhood' at Montaña

WILLEMSTAD - On Saturday, September 30, between 10 AM and 3 PM, Aqualectra will host the first edition of 'Aqualectra in Your Neighborhood' at Maris Stella VSBO Montaña. With this initiative, Aqualectra aims to get closer to its customers, providing personalized service and education on service areas. Additionally, there will be an innovation area and a fun area where participants can play various electric and water-related games provided by Aqualectra. For this first edition, Aqualectra has partnered with the cultural event 'Di Kunuku Nos Ta,' organized by the Ocalia Museum Foundation, Bario Kòrsou Unit, Montaña Neighborhood Center, and Maris Stella VSBO. During the same event, 'Aqualectra in Your Neighborhood' will be accompanied by an art exhibition, cultural dances, food stalls, local sweets, historical content, cultural entertainment, and much more. 



"This is a unique moment where Aqualectra comes directly to the neighborhood, closer to the customers, to provide services and facilities to those who, in one way or another, cannot reach us. We are starting in Montaña for the first edition, but we can expect more editions in other neighborhoods in the coming months," explained Mr. Ray Seferina, a member of Aqualectra's management team. 


During the First Edition of 'Aqualectra in Your Neighborhood,' interested individuals will have the opportunity to receive valuable information from key Aqualectra employees during three informative workshops. These workshops cover topics related to water and electricity savings, Aqualectra billing, and the production and future distribution of both electricity and water. This year, Aqualectra is celebrating 95 years of water desalination in Curaçao, and this historic moment will be commemorated during the water production and distribution workshop. The workshops and customer service activities will take place from 10 AM to 1 PM. Individuals with specific requests or pending matters with Aqualectra can attend the event and receive assistance from the customer service agents. Additionally, Aqualectra has organized fun games, created by its own employees, to raise awareness about water and electricity production and supply, with the chance for participants to win prizes. 


In connection with the cultural week, the Ocalia Museum Foundation and some local organizations will focus on our cultural heritage of the past, present, and future. The event 'Di Kunuku Nos Ta' will recreate and highlight the design of old Curaçaoan storefronts. It will also identify authentic pieces of our culture through an exhibition of authentic works by Hipolito Max Ocalia, known for his artworks that particularly document our cultural heritage. The initiative carries the motto: 'liberty, equality, and fraternity, strong ties for a bright future.' To bring everything together, there will be entertainment by the Den Chikí group, various traditional foods and sweet treats, dance performances, and a fun section for both children and adults. 


Aqualectra, the Ocalia Museum Foundation, Bario Kòrsou Unit, Montaña Neighborhood Center, and Maris Stella VSBO invite the entire community to visit the first 'Aqualectra in Your Neighborhood' cultural edition in collaboration with 'Di Kunuku Nos Ta. 

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