Appeal for two boys who killed two people on Weg naar westpunt

WILLEMSTAD - The two boys aged 19 and 24 who would each have to go to prison for 16 months for causing a fatal accident have appealed.  


The accident between three cars on the Road to Westpunt near Wacawa, in 2022, cost the lives of 35-year-old Venezuelan Victor Alfonso Perez Carrillo and 61-year-old Dominican Marina Dipre Garcia. Both worked in a restaurant on Playa Forti and were on their way home.  


According to police investigations, the two young men each drove their own pickup at speeds of up to 147 kilometers per hour where 60 kilometers was allowed. They overtook each other and other motorists, even in areas where this wasn’t allowed.  


According to the judge, the deaths of the Venezuelan Victor and the Dominican Marina were entirely due to the boys' fault. The two used the dark and unlit street as a race track. The police could prove this because the eldest boy had a dashcam in his car.