Animal organizations are filing summary proceedings against 'murderous' Animal Protection

WILLEMSTAD - Various animal organizations in Curaçao are filing summary proceedings against the Curaçao Animal Protection Foundation. They want to prevent animals from being caught and killed needlessly.  


The Curaçao Animal Protection is planning to start a large stray animal catch campaign soon, in which participants who pick up dogs and cats from the street will receive compensation.  


Curaçao Animal Protection Foundation says it is forced to kill stray animals due to lack of shelter places.  


But killing animals is prohibited by law. In addition, Animal Protection has failed to create shelters and, according to the other animal organizations, has seriously failed in all aspects of their responsibilities.  


To stop Animal Protection Curaçao, House of Animals has set up a petition urging the Dutch government to tell Curaçao that killing stray animals is against the law. By this morning, more than 10,000 people had signed the petition. 


Animal Protection denies calling on people to bring stray animals for payment. According to the foundation, these are volunteers who are first checked whether they have the right attitude and who receive a short training on how to catch animals as animal-friendly as possible.  


The court hearing will take place on Tuesday. 

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