Almost 44,000 people have a vaccination appointment

WILLEMSTAD - Up to this morning, nearly 44,000 people have made an appointment for a vaccination. About 24,000 have already had their first injection. The government announced this today.

Due to the expansion of the injection capacity, it is also possible to make an appointment or an earlier date starting tomorrow. This is especially for those who have an appointment in May or in June. The government indicated that it is possible to change the vaccination date starting tomorrow April 8.

You can also indicate your preference for an injection location on The government's goal is to give everyone who wants to do so their first shot before the end of April. The telephone team on vaccination line 9345 will be expanded from 60 to 120 people from Saturday to make appointments.

In total, Curacao has about 125,000 people over the age of 18 who are eligible for the vaccine.

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