ABC Bus Company in serious financial situation

WILLEMSTAD - According to the trade union representing the employees of the ABC Bus Company, the government cannot demand on the one hand that the prices of bus tickets remain low and at the same time cut into the subsidy of the company.

According to the management of ABC Bus, the company is in a dire financial situation and it is very serious. The government announced that they would reduce the subsidy in 2019 but it has not warned the company and it would not allow them to raise the tariffs to be able to survive.

As a result, there is not enough money to pay the salaries of the staff for the month of January. The company is considering borrowing money to comply with its expenses.


Secondary employment terms that would have to be paid for the month of January have been postponed to March. According to the trade union, the government is not treating the bus company fairly. The union does understand that the company should take into account the people, but it has to find ways to survive.