274 King's Day packages sold for charity

WILLEMSTAD - During the fundraising event King's Day at Home, a total of 274 'King's Day Family boxes' were brought into the home. After the lockdown, 2000 children will receive a fully catered day out to the Curaçao Children's Museum from the proceeds. Families could buy a King's Day Family Box with various Dutch games in it. In addition, various companies have donated money. The promotion is an initiative of the Children's Museum Curacao and the radio station Paradise FM.

Because events during King's Day were not allowed due to the lockdown, the Children's Museum and Paradise FM decided to offer an alternative: the King's Day Family Box, with which participants could bring that "King's Day feeling" into their home. For ANG 100, - interested parties could have such a box delivered to their home, containing several old-Dutch games, orange attributes, a bingo card for the Paradise FM Music Bingo and a login code for an online King's Day Family Quiz. During the day the participants could win various prizes. In total 274 of these Family Boxes were sold. In addition to the Family Boxes, several companies also made a donation.

Proceeds will benefit the Museum 4 All project, in which 2,000 children who would otherwise probably not be able to go, can visit the Children's Museum. They are picked up by bus, they get free access to the educational museum and a small snack. “Especially in this time of corona it is important to bring a bit of positivity to children. That is why we think the Museum 4 All project is so important,” says Esther Pijl, director of the Children's Museum

In addition to this fundraising for the Children's Museum, radio station Paradise FM continuously supports the Daily Meal Program with various promotions online and on the radio. Part of the proceeds from the Kings Day Family Boxes will benefit the Daily Meal Program. This organization provides hundreds of healthy hot meals every day for families who are struggling to make ends meet due to the corona crisis. With part of the proceeds from The King's Day at Home event, the Daily Meal Program can provide 500 families with a hot meal.

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