2023 starts with significantly more high-impact crime

WILLEMSTAD - 2023 starts with considerably more cases that the police classify as high-impact crimes. Never before was the number of offenses as high as in the month of January this year.  


197 times the police had to act against robberies, theft, burglary, and domestic violence. In December, the number of cases was 160, compared to 128 a month earlier.  


Car burglaries in particular rose spectacularly. In January, the police received 44 reports, compared to twelve in December. The number of cars stolen fell from 22 in December to 13 in January.  




The number of home burglaries fell slightly from 46 last month to 42 now. Business burglaries remained more or less at the December level. Then seventeen times were reported, last month it was eighteen times.  


The number of assaults in January almost doubled compared to December. Then the police had to respond to a report thirteen times, in January that rose to 24.  


Domestic violence  


The number of times the police have to act in cases of domestic violence remains alarmingly high. In January this happened 56 times, compared to 50 in December.