15 years for couple who kidnapped Dutch intern

WILLEMSTAD - The Curaçao couple Shelomi P. (30) and Azanahil M. (34) have been sentenced to 15 years in prison for the kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault of a 17-year-old Dutch intern.

After committing these heinous crimes against the girl, these two violent robbers threw her off a cliff into the sea, where she hid all night so as not to be noticed.

It was August 25 last year when the internship of the 17-year-old was interrupted in an unprecedented brutal way. The couple took the victim to an ATM, where they forced her to withdraw money from her account.


In her statement, the Dutch girl indicated that she thought she had ended up in a nightmare. The nightmare then got worse when the pair tied her up and threw her off a cliff into the sea. The terrified victim survived the fall and hid under a rock until dawn. From there she swam to the beach, where she got help and eventually went to the police station.

The Curaçao police were able to track down the perpetrators, because they were seen on a footage of a security camera at the ATM. Shelomi P. and Azanahil M. maintained during the trial that the girl had wanted to buy drugs from them and that they had helped her withdraw money.

The prison sentence of 15 years is longer than what the Public Prosecution (OM) recently demanded. The OM had demanded twelve years against both.

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