10th edition of KLM Marathon Curaçao successful under favorable weather conditions

WILLEMSTAD - The 10th edition of the KLM Marathon Curaçao proceeded smoothly under favorable weather conditions. The running event started on Saturday with the 5-kilometer race, followed by the half marathon (21.1 km) and the full marathon (42.2 km) on Sunday. Julian Slinke emerged as the winner of the marathon. 

The weather gods smiled upon all the athletes as conditions were favorable. Last year's edition took place under less auspicious weather conditions, with rain causing significant flooding, especially in the Penstraat. Participants found themselves wading through knee-deep water. 

On Saturday evening, Steven Kistemaker finished the 5-kilometer race in a time of 16.36 minutes, securing the top spot. On Sunday morning, Jasper Weevers claimed victory in the 10-kilometer race, crossing the finish line in 37.35 minutes. 

The half marathon was won by Sten Stoltenborg, completing the race in 1.22.57 hours. Julian Slinke took the top spot in the main event, completing the 42.2 kilometers in 2.59.09 hours.