Post Chemotherapy eating tips

Chemotherapy is medication that treats cancer by attacking fast growing cancer cells killing or slowing down on its way the growth of healthy cells , nausea, fatigue, and the buildup of waste products as a result of damage to healthy cells can lead to loss of appetite , vomiting, constipation, or changes in how foods taste or smell , if you find it hard to eat replace your meal with a liquid or divide your meals intake into 5 times a day as small portions instead of 3 big ones , and keep handy snacks for when you feel hungry , pain medication can cause constipation (stools become hard, dry, you feel bloated & passing a lot of gas ) drink hot liquids like herbs and soups , eat high fiber types of food and try to be a bit more active when you can , if you have a dry mouth ,sip a lot of water during the day it can help moisten your mouth , swallow and talk , carry water bottles with you wherever you go , nausea in most Cancer patient is the worst side effect feeling of all , choose carefully the meals that appeal to you , and stay away from spicy & heavy ones , sometimes you gain weight instead of losing it , hormone therapy, certain types of chemotherapy & medicines such as steroids can be the cause , your body starts to retain water, which makes you gain weight and feel puffy , go for a sugar-salt free diet , less portions . Without proper nutrients, patients may lose muscle mass and struggle to fight infection , when this happens, you need to take special care in the way you handle and prepare food , wash your hands, knives, and counter tops before and after you prepare raw meat, chicken, turkey, and fish and it is better to have one cutting board for meat and another one for fruits and vegetables , make sure your juices and milk products are pasteurized , eat nuts that are shelled and roasted , do not eat raw fish or shellfish, such as sushi and uncooked oysters from buffets, salad bars, or self service restaurants , also any food that have been sitting at room temperature longer than 2 hours , do not be surprised or upset if one’s food preferences change from day to day , it happens a lot, make sure to include plant based meals that are rich in nutrients known as antioxidants to boost your immune system , mood changes may occur at any time during treatment , you may experience depression or anxiety ,mood swings , loss of sexual interest & motivation , it is very important and necessary to talk to your doctor and registered dietitian about how you can manage the side effects of treatment.

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