New round of Covid vaccinations unnecessary: Outbreak team

AMSTERDAM - The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) considers a new round of Covid-19 vaccinations unnecessary this spring. Minister Ernst Kuipers of Public Health shared the team of experts’ advice with parliament on Monday. 


Most people in the Netherlands have built up immunity against Covid-19, either due to vaccination or previous infection, or both. The currently dominant variant of the virus - Omicron - also does not make people very sick, the OMT said. 


The coronavirus has also reached an endemic situation in the Netherlands. That means it can be treated like other common infections, like the flu. That means some groups more at risk of becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus, such as people with a weakened immune system, could still benefit from a repeat shot. Their doctor or another medical specialist can recommend a repeat Covid-19 vaccination for them. 


But for the population as a whole, a repeat shot is not necessary at this time, the experts in the OMT said. They added that the situation might change if another coronavirus variant becomes dominant against which the current vaccines don’t work well. 


The OMT’s advice is not binding. The Ministry of Public Health may still decide to hold another round of vaccinations. Kuipers promised to inform parliament about his decision soon. 


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