Jerry Semper: “minister plays with human lives”

WILLEMSTAD - Several doctors have sent a letter to Minister Dorothy Pietersz-Janga of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN) to express their dissatisfaction with the minister's statements during an interview on TV Direct. The letter was signed by the chairman of the Curaçao Association of General Practitioners (CHV) Dr. Jerry Semper and director of the Red Cross Blood Bank Curaçao Foundation, Ashley Duits. The Association of Medical Specialists Curaçao and the Medical Staff Board also signed the letter.

During the interview, the minister indicated that she was not negative about the use of Ivermectin against Covid-19. In addition, Pietersz-Janga advised people who have not been vaccinated to maintain a healthy lifestyle, instead of advocating a vaccination.

"In our opinion, your statements are not scientifically substantiated and create confusion in society," the doctors wrote in the letter addressed to the minister. “Your propagation, not only as a responsible minister but also as a doctor, of the use of ineffective drugs is very serious.”

Jerry Semper is angry about the minister's statements. He says that the medical sector in Curaçao stands for 'evidence-based medicine'. “This issue is about real human lives.” Semper wants to give Pietersz-Janga time to answer the letter.


According to the letter writers, the statements of Pietersz-Janga not only contribute to the renunciation of vaccination, but also give a completely unjustified sense of safety in people who will use the medicines. "Your statements are in stark contrast to the policy of your own government. A policy that is supported by the crisis team and healthcare professionals."

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